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The world's first ever virtual online Martial Arts tournament. Test your skills and win up to €6000!


Once purchased you will be automotucally entered into the tournament. You will receive a confirmation email, followed up by Master Ricardo of WAMAI, inviting you to attend the tournament.






 WAMAI is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting amateur martial sports in all categories and modalities to anyone regardless of style, age or federation.  Our organization, pioneering and worldwide, will perform virtually the first games based on a mix of physical exercises with martial techniques.


 The organization of this event will have two official languages, Spanish and English.


 They consist of several continuous rounds of 2 minutes duration with a 1-minute break.  In these rounds, a combined physical exercise technique plus a martial technique will be performed (for example: front kick squat).  The techniques to be performed will be shown for 30 seconds prior to each round.


 Each round carried out correctly by the athlete is valued by one point.  The winner will be the one with the most rounds (points).

 IMPORTANT: The techniques will have to be carried out correctly at the discretion of the judges who, at any time who consider that it is not being carried out with the appropriate intensity and technique or because it stops for more than 3 seconds, can be eliminated directly.  The winner will be the one who more correctly rounds.  Participants must be in good physical condition and the organization of the event will not be responsible for any type of injury or accident that the participant occurs during the Championship.


 The place of the game will be virtual tatamis, in each tatami they can reach a maximum of 100 participants.  Of which a winner will have to leave by tatami which will be called CHAMPION.  The participant must participate in any place they determine with the condition of having a minimum of 2 square meters of smooth surface.  Without any obstacle in said area that prevents the correct execution of the techniques.


 Any person who has registered in the registration forms located on the wamai website can participate.  The minimum age is from 10 years.  Important to be eligible for the cash prize you must prove by legal proof the age that determines your competition category.


 Once the registration is completed and you have received the link and the estimated time of your participation in the event with sufficient notice.  The participant must download the application and install it on a computer, tablet or mobile phone with an internet and webcam connection.


 Accessing the website and registering.


 Wearing sportswear or martial uniforms is required.  Optional is the use of bandages, and boxing gloves.  The competitor can make use of a soft surface and may wear sneakers or go barefoot.


 It is the mission of the referee to give exceptional warnings or warnings in case of observing any anomaly made by any athlete.  Once the match has started during the assault, it is strictly forbidden to speak to the referee.  Only during the minute of rest and as a matter of urgency can he raise his hand and the referee, if available, may or may not speak to him.


 It is a reason for direct elimination without the right to refund the registration, the use of any type of symbol or ideology that is racist or sexist.  Also insults, obscene gestures and immoral acts.

 It is also a reason for elimination to leave and leave the virtual tatami etc.  during the test.  The use of towels or drinking during the time of the assault is also prohibited.

 As in boxing, it will be grounds for disqualification to be accompanied by or assisted by another person or coach during the rounds.  The coach may only intervene in the break time between assault and assault.

 Direct disqualification if the athlete visibly demonstrates the use of alcohol or drugs.  Also smoking.


 Suitable for all people ages and sexes from 10 years.  IMPORTANT: The proof of age will be required to make the prizes effective.

 Each DIVISION will be made up to a maximum of 100 participants and will be assigned a virtual mat.  The organization reserves the right to expand, join, or delete divisions according to enrollment volume.



K1-SUPERKID WOMAN from 10 to 12 years old

 A1- AVENGER WOMAN from 13 to 15 years old


 W1- WONDERFUL WOMAN from 16 to 30 years old


 P1-PANTER WOMAN from 30 years to 50 years


 S1-SPIRIT SALVAGE WOMAN from 50 onwards


 K2-SUPERKID MEN 10 to 12 years

 A2-AVENGER MEN from 13 to 15 years old


 W2-WONDERFUL MEN from 16 to 30 years old


 P2-PANTER MEN from 30 years to 50 years


 S2-SPIRIT SALVAGE MEN from 50 onwards





 The organization is NOT responsible for the injuries and accidents that the participants may suffer.  Likewise, it will not be responsible for any incident that may arise during its celebration.


 Everyone will receive a diploma by email as participants of the 1st International Martial e-Sports tournament in the world!  The winners of each division will receive a prize payable by delivering an Amazon gift card of 600 euros.  Making a total of 6000 euros spread over 10 categories.  In addition, they will receive their recorded game as a souvenir.


 What happens if for reasons of weather or force majeure the organizer is unable to hold the competition?

 The organizer in this case will be able to organize the event 1 week later communicating it by email to all the participants.  Athletes who disagree with the organization will undertake to return the registration.

 What happens if the athlete due to atmospheric or major reasons cannot start or continue the event?

 Unfortunately, the organization of the event cannot take charge of these assumptions and declines any responsibility for returning the registration.

 Can my pet be in and out of my virtual area during the test?


 Can I see the other tatamis during the test?


Virtual Tournament Ticket

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