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Can I use my current membership as credit towards my online classes?
Your current membership and the virtual training are two separate memberships. We can confirm that all accounts have been frozen during this period and no further payments will be deducted. As your membership has been put on hold you will not lose any classes during this time and they can be taken as usual once our doors reopen.

How can I cancel?
Our online memberships are a recurring monthly direct debit until instructed to stop. Please be aware that instruction must be given towards the end of the paid month in order to not limit access. For any queries or questions contact

When are the videos being uploaded?
We will be uploading new Adult videos on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and Children’s classes will be uploaded on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Who are Mugendo?
For any of you that aren’t familiar, Mugendo have been part of Xen-Do’s history for quite some time now. Dai Master Rafael Nieto first met Master Ricardo Gress at the 1985 WAKO World Championship in Venice, where he won the gold medal fighting
in the under 63.5kg category. In 1988, Master Ricardo came to London to train alongside Master Raf with Sensei Suzuki. In 2001 Master Raf created the first Xen- Do/Mugendo in London, since then he travels regularly to Spain to share his knowledge with the other instructors and share ideas with fellow Sensei and good friend Master Ricardo. Every year (not including those with worldwide pandemics) the two schools join together in Barcelona to compete together in the Spanish Open. The tournament weekend is a testament to both Master Rafael and Master Ricardo, as a friendship over a shared interest in this skilled sport has transformed into two martial art schools coming together to produce outstanding instructors and students following a similar strict curriculum to train champions.

Will the online classes continue when the dojo reopens?
It is most likely to continue, dependent upon demand. It may be possible to add this service to your Xen-Do membership package at a discounted rate.

Is there a grading system with the online classes?
During this time, we won’t be grading but once we return to the dojo’s we will be continuing to follow the grading calendar and test you all to make sure you are ready for the next upcoming grading.

What is the experience level of classes?

Children’s classes will be for ages 4-10yrs, some will be more difficult than others, we will hopefully be putting out grade and age specific videos over the coming weeks.Adults/Teen classes will cover All Grades rather than focusing on the belt grade. We will hopefully be uploading grade specific videos over the coming weeks.

What is the online tournament?
The tournament will be held over a 1-12 hour period and consist of challenges like burpees for one minute, you will be live streaming with the other contestants, it’s a last person standing knockout tournament. Part of the rules are that if you stop
during the challenge you are out of the competition. The entry fee will be £25. The winner will receive the grand prize.

How do I enter the competition?
Tickets will be sold on our online shop or on this link, once you have purchased your ticket you will sent an email with all the relevant details.

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